Our Philosophy - the source of ideas for joyful family moments

As a manufacturer of classic and innovative furniture, toys and accessories, we are one of few full line providers in the industry. We have a heart and company profile for young families that we show with our versatile, grow-along furniture, soft textiles and accessories. We rely on creative design, quality, comfort and tested safety.

Shared moments

Our logo can talk

robafor moments of love and closeness between parents and children. What touches children and parents alike? Common experiences and discovery! Discovering each other and the world! roba is familiar with such joyful moments and our products will accompany you through them.

between children

What do children want?

Children need adult attention. They want to spend time with the big people and they need to be challenged. Children want to re-enact what they see in everyday life.

and parents

What is important for parents?

Above all, mothers and fathers want to do everything right; want the best for their little ones' development. They want for them to feel comfortable and develop healthily. They want to help their little darlings understand the world.

with good ideas

roba, the source of ideas

From the first step that the very little ones take in life up to adolescence, we accompany your children with contemporary articles and imaginative ideas.

1 Moment of Happiness

2 Cuddly Warm

3 Safety

4 Holistic Approach

roba stands for...





We supply ideas for parents and retailers

With a lot of responsibility and creativity, we are constantly coming up with new ideas for products with which we can help parents make their little ones' lives more enjoyable. At the core of our business, we value one thing above all else: enabling our customers to experience the wonderful moments of closeness with roba products.

All about babies and toddlers

It is important to us to offer you a comprehensive product range from a single source—with several combination options in timeless designs. In the long term, we will continue to expand our range to keep you equipped for care of your baby and child.

All-round good products at fair prices

Assortment of overarching and service-oriented thinking and action allows high quality at a cost-efficient price.


A comprehensive product assortment with good ideas and strong price-performance ratio.