Room Bed 'Glücksengel blau', 60 x 120 cm, additional bed with complete equipment

Room Bed 'Glücksengel blau', 60 x 120 cm, additional bed with complete equipment


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Lying surface: Lattenrost (made of laminated wood)
Frame: laminated wood
Altitude: 6

Textile general: material mix
Textile surface: printed
Surface: 100% Cotton
Back: 100% Cotton
Filling: Polyester fleece

Age range:

from 0 to 5 years

Dimensions and weights:

B x T x H: 126,0 x 65,6 x 79,5 cm
17.70 kg



Product details/Additional information:

Wash clothes before use once separately, wash water temperature 30 ° degrees, wash clothes on the left, use fine laundry without optical brightener, do not overcharge washing drum, dryer.

The roba Room Beds offer parents and children the opportunity to spend as much time as possible, especially in the first few months. With just a few handles, the bed can be individually adjusted to the parent's bed. Thanks to adjustable metal angles and 6 times the height adjustability of the 60 x 120 cm bed, Room Bed is securely attached to the parent's bed as an extra bed. By means of a zipper, a part of the fabric side (canvas) can be opened at any time quickly and easily. In this way, the mother, in particular, offers the proximity to the child-whether on the day or at night. A brake roller set provides the necessary mobility with our Room Beds. In addition, textiles from our current roba collections are supplied with the necessary cuddly factor.