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We are always responsibly and creatively coming up with new things to enrich every-day life for you and your children. A lot of clever ideas and details are to be discovered in our products. Every day in roba's internal product design department, we develop, test and produce branded products to the highest quality, comfort and safety standards.



Our 85 years of experience make us experts in the field of furniture making. Easy assembly and the selection of high quality materials are our priority from the start to keep your children safe and comfortable while they enjoy the roba children's world.



In the course of the development and production of our products our priorities are your child’s health, the practicality of the product and long product lifespan as well as environmental friendliness. And because of that, all of our products comply with the current guidelines issued by the German technical inspection body. We are also authorised to carry the EPH seal issued by the testing laboratory wood engineering in Dresden and the "blue angel" seal.