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Who is roba?

As a manufacturer of classic and innovative furniture, toys and accessories, roba Baumann GmbH, founded in Ebesrdorf in 1927, is one of few full-range suppliers in the industry. The family-run company stands for clear product range management and individual, holistic solutions for living, playing and lifestyle of babies and children. With versatile furniture that grows with the family, its trendy textiles and accessories, the Upper Franconian company shows a heart and profile for young families. As a supplier of ideas for daily needs and a trend setter for parents and the trade, it focuses on creative design, quality, comfort and tested safety, together with a strong price-performance ratio. With roba products, children can discover their world and experience many wonderful moments together with their parents and playmates.

Where are roba products produced?

We produce in roba factories in the EU and China, which are designed according to German standards. Our end products naturally comply with German or European norms and safety standards.

Where can I find out about roba's terms and conditions?

You can find our full General Terms and Conditions here.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our roba customer service.

Who is responsible for marketing and press at roba? Where can I get press material?

For any inquiries about advertising, cooperations and events, please contact us through our Contact form. Of course, we are also happy to provide you with informational materials about the company and our roba products as well as image material.

Where can I buy roba products?

You can find our products in furniture, baby and toy shops. In addition, you can find our products throughout Europe in assorted shops, in selected online shops or directly here in our roba-kids online shop. Feel free to contact our roba customer service, who will help you in all questions about our products.

Can I get certain roba products only with selected retailers?

Yes, some products are exclusively distributed by certain retailers/retail chains or specifically designed for them.

We are happy to answer your questions about this at roba-contact.

Can I purchase licensed products from roba?

Are you particularly interested in our licensing or cooperation products? Find details about our current cooperations such as Miffy, Rock-Star-Baby, SAFE ASLEEP or Bee Maja here.

Can I also buy your products online?

Our products are also available at online retailers and in our own roba online shop.

Is there a factory outlet and can I also purchase roba products directly?

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Direct sales of roba products take place here in our roba-kids online shop. Additionally, we offer you second-quality products within the scope of our factory outlet, which are mainly exhibition patterns and products for herer collections. The factory outlet is located in the FeldstrassE 2, in 96237 Ebersdorf. If you have any questions about the factory outlet in advance, please call us at +49 (0) 95 62. 92 21-83 or send an e-Mail to

Are there discounts for your products?

We regularly offer discount offers in our online roba shop. To stay up to date, you can subscribe to our newsletter here in our roba online shop, in which we inform you about current topics as well as special and discount offers.

What is the standard delivery time for your products?

If the product ordered by you is available in our logistics center, we normally ship your order within 2-3 working days. Depending on the delivery country and size of the product, your order will be delivered to your home within 5 to 14 working days.

Is the roba product that interests me available?

You can see product availability here in our roba-kids online shop. Even if your desired product is not available in our roba-kids online shop, you may be able to find it at specialist store or at another online store.

I would like to purchase products from abroad. Who do I turn to?

roba products can be purchased all throughout Europe from furniture, baby and toy shops. Additionally, you will find our products in retail shops, selected online shops or directly here in our roba-kids online shop. You can reach out to our roba customer service, who will help you with all questions about our products.

Who can I contact with a complaint?

We care about you as our customer and the quality of our products. Therefore, we take complaints very seriously. We regret very much that you are not satisfied with our products and would like to offer our sincere apologies. Please contact the retailer from which you purchased the product. They will take care of the complaint and contat our customers service for you.

If you purchased the product directly from us, please contact our customer service directly at Contact.

How do I reach customer service?

You can reach us by e-mail at, through our Contact form or on Facebook.

Where can I have defective goods replaced?

Please reach out to the retailer from whom you purchased the product, or reach out to our Customer service if you purchased the product directly from us.

How can I order spare parts?

If this is a warranty case, we ask you to contact the retail from whom you purchased the product. If the spare part no longer falls within the warranty period or you have purchased your product directly from us, please contact our roba service team by e-mail at

At what prices can spare parts be purchased?

You can receive price detailsa bout spare parts from our customer service team at or through the Contact form.

How long is the delivery time for the spare part?

The delivery time for smaller parts is up to about 14 working days. For larger pieces of furniture, delivery usually takes up to 4 weeks.

Are there still spare parts for older products?

We usually have fitting parts for products produced in the last 5 years.

Where can I obtain assembly instructions for my roba products?

If you need the assembly instructions for your roba product, you can request them by e-mail from our service department at, through the Contact form or request it through Facebook.

Are roba products safe and harmless for my child?

We exclusively manufacture products from tested, certified and environmentally friendly materials. We have all our products examined strictly according to the relevant safety criteria of the standard current European norm before we put them to the market. For us, it is a matter of course that we develop and test all roba baby & children's products according to the latest European safety standards.

Materials & certificates:

All materials used are regularly tested by independent institutes and accredited laboratories for pollution-free and safe use. This concerns e.g. all wood materials such as solid wood, chipboard, MDF boards and plywood, all textiles, mattresses and films, all paints and varnishes as well as plastic materials and packaging.

All water-based paints used are pollutant-free, environmentally friendly and saliva-resistant. As a result, the surfaces are completely harmelss, even if your child sucks or bites on it.

Where can I get detailed information about certificates of your products and materials used?

All our materials are used in regular and regulated laboratories and accredited laboratories to ensure that they are free of harmful substances and are safe for use. Further information can be found on our roba Customer service Questions.

Why does the furniture have a slight odour?

As a result of the production process, your new furniture will have a certain odour. However, this is completely harmless in terms of health and usually dissipates within 48 hours. In the beginning, it we recommend, airing out the room, possibly with open drawers, to help speed up the process. In the case of freshly renovated rooms, it is not only the new furniture, but also the floor, wall or ceiling.

Is there formaldehyde in your products?

The chipboard used in our melamine-coated furniture corresponds to the emission class 0. In this class, the formaldehyde content is very low and far below the legally prescribed limit. However, it is also not possible to speak of formaldehyde-free goods. There is no such thing as a formaldehyde-free environment. Formaldehyde is, among other things, a metabolic product, which-in small quantities-can be detected even in solid wood. For example, 1 apple contains more formaldehyde than a 3-door roba wardrobe.

Does the wood paint match my existing roba products when purchasing furniture?

Natural wood is always subject to a certain process of darkening. This is caused by direct solar radiation and unfortunately cannot be avoided. The purchased furniture will also be darkened again and, after a certain period of time, to a large extent adapt to the already existing furniture, however, differences in colour and structure cannot be completely discernibly found here. As a rule, however, these are perceived as not to be disturbing.

Can I lie on the cot as an adult, how stable is it?

Our children's beds have a maximum weight capacity of up to 50 kg. We are unable to provide any quarantees or take any responsibilities for weights above this limit. Therefore, an adult should not sit on the cot – not even if it is converted to the junior bed. Children's beds are designed to be used by young children.

How high can a mattress for roba beds be at the top?

For roba beds, you can use mattresses with a maximum height of 10cm. This requires the DIN standard in order to ensure maximum safety for your child. This ensures a minimum distance of 20cm from the upper edge of the frame side for the uppermost slatted frame position and 50cm from the upper edge of the grid side for the lowest load bearing position

From what age are high or bunk beds suitable?

High beds for children according to the EU standard are recommended only from an age of 6 years. However, we know from most of our customers that the high beds are already starting from approx. 3 years-then possibly are used for security reasons in connection with additional crash protection. Ultimately, every customer must decide for themselves when their child is able to sleep in a high bed, as this is also due to the development and habits of the child.

Are your safety gates suitable for use outdoors?

No, because our protective grills are not weather-proof.

Up to what weight are the play yard floors stable?

The floors of our play yards are durable according to DIN standard EN 12227:2010 up to 15kg.

Where can I get roba catalogues?

From your retailer and as a download here on our homepage under current catalogues.

Why can't I look at the downloaded catalog?

The catalogues are available for download in universal PDF files. To view these PDF files, you require Acrobat Reader from Adobe. If you do not have this program installed, you can download it online.

Where we able to answer your question?

If you did not find an answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone number 09562/9221-0, for communication in German, or through the Contact Form.